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Crested Crane Fresh Roasted Coffee is 100 % Arabica Coffee organically grown on small family farms in Eastern Uganda.

Crested Crane Fresh Roasted Coffee from Uganda is 100 % Arabica Coffee from small family farms in Eastern Uganda!
85% of all Ugandans are subsistence farmers. Our coffee is lovingly grown by small, family farmers high up in the mountains. This high quality, single source, organically grown Arabica coffee is some of the best in the world. In addition, our importer, Crop 2 Cup, is working with the family farmers to make sure they earn a fair living-wage for their coffee. We help farmers through export and quality bonuses, as well as a community reinvestment program.

Relationship Based Coffee

Relationship based coffee
It’s all based on friendship. We’re getting to know the farmers and their families as well as the children of Amahoro. Friends treat each other fairly and with compassion. This is the heart of the matter for Crested Crane Coffee. We work closely with our importer to insure farmers are paid a premium price for their coffee. In most cases this is above fair trade standards. In addition, we are developing friendships with our famers so we can explore more ways to work together.

Uganda Sebei – Kapchorwa Washing Station

washing station

We are pleased to offer you fresh roasted coffee from the Kapchorwa Washing Station. Never heard of Kapchorwa coffee before? Kapchorwa, perched high on Mt. Elgon (Elevation: 5,200 ft – 7,100 ft above sea level), in Eastern Uganda and along the northern edge of the Bugisu region, is quickly emerging as one of the country’s most sought after high-altitude growing regions.

Kapchorwa Farmers Groups

Kapchorwa Farmers Groups
The Kapchorwa region spans one of Mt. Elgon’s great plateaus. On it live the Sebei people, proud farmers whose language (Kupsabiny) differs greatly from the rest of Ugandans. These farmer groups produce some really clean, flavorful coffee. This is a fully-washed Arabica, and it was pulped, fermented, washed and dried at the Kapchorwa Washing Station, between Sipi Falls and Kapchorwa Town. Kapchorwa coffee is grown on small family-owned plots of land and brought to the washing station by train or road (head, back, bike or tractor) Our fresh roasted coffee is a gem – clean and more complex than your average Ugandan Bugisu bean. Excellent for all coffee preparation types. Kapchorwa Sebei Coffee is super smooth and drinkable, yet complex with notes of lemon, citrus and pepper and aroma of green apple and dark chocolate.

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