Supporting the Ugandan Amahoro Children’s Center

Crested Crane’s mission supports the Ugandan Amahoro Children’s Center through the sale of fresh roasted organic coffee.

This is a story worth sharing!

Crested Crane Coffee, a mission of Forked River Presbyterian Church, was born out of love. In 2007 Pastor Terry Chapman traveled to Uganda to participate in the Amahoro Institute. Among the many aspiring young African leaders, he met Caleb Rukundo founder of the Ugandan Amahoro Children’s Center. A new friendship began.

Before long Caleb was in Forked River telling his story. It was in Caleb’s firsthand account, shared with the congregation, that hearts started to open. The members of Forked River Presbyterian Church discovered the love for the children Caleb cares for is contagious. As members sat down to figure out what they could do to help, many short term projects came to life. However, they soon realized that a more steady stream of support was needed. Crested Crane Coffee Company grew out of the collective imagination of the folks at FRPC.

Through regular coffee sales we partner with Caleb and our friends at the Ugandan Amahoro Children’s Center in ways that will help them with everyday expenses such as medicine, food and education. We invite you to try a bag and become a part of our story.

What’s with the Crested Crane?

What is with the Crested Crane?

We love this bird! It’s the national bird of Uganda and appears on the Ugandan flag. We just think it makes a great mascot and logo. The Crested Crane is colorful, lively, attention getting, just like our coffee.

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