Crested Crane Coffee FAQ’s

What do we mean by Fresh with Purpose?
We want to highlight the two aspects to our mission. 1. To deliver the freshest high grade Arabica Coffee. 2. To help create fresh opportunities for displaced children to thrive in a safe, nurturing home.

Why is relationship so important?
Crested Crane Coffee is a relationship based coffee company. We think it is really important to know who we are working with and for. When the farmers and the children we serve become our friends our love for them deepens and our mission is inspired. Our importer Crop To Cup is a small company that works directly with the farmer. While the coffee is not Fair Trade Certified it is fairly traded.

Is Crested Crane Coffee fair trade?
Fair Trade can be a benefit and an insurmountable challenge to the small family farmers that grow our coffee. Many of them cannot afford the fair trade certification.
To learn more about the benefits and challenges of fair trade you might want check out this article from the

How much are the coffee farmers paid for Crested Crane Coffee beans?
In 2011 our importer paid $2.85 per pound for green coffee beans of which farmers received between 4500 – 6500 USH per kilo parchment when they sold in the season. The top of which was the best season these farmers – or their grandfathers – have ever seen; translating into $1.78 / parchment – $2.14 / green.
On top of this farmers receive a post-export premium of 16-25 cents per pound. The premium in this case is worked out based on quality scores.
Fair Trade pays premiums that are expressed at the export level. Currently, according to the Fair Trade web site, the current price for washed arabica is $1.40 per pound with a .20 premium.

How much money goes to support the Amahoro Children’s Initiative in Uganda?
We send 100% of our profits to the Amahoro Children’s Initiative. The amount per bag we send back to the Amahoro Children’s Initiative is approximately $2.00 per 12oz bag. This is after roasting, packaging, and other miscellaneous fees (web site etc.) needed to get the coffee to the consumer.

Is Crested Crane Coffee certified organic?  Our approach to this is similar to the idea of fair trade.  Farmers, importers, roasters and consumers pay a steep premium for “organic” certification.  At the end of the day what is labeled as organic certified is not really 100% organically “pure”.  Once again, we have a relationship with our growers, mostly small family farmers, who do not use chemicals.  They cannot afford chemical pesticides or fertilizers and certainly are not able to pay steep certification fees to market the coffee as organic certified.  So we describe our coffee as “organically grown” not “organically certified.

What’s with the bird?
We love the Crested Crane. It’s the national bird of Uganda and appears on the Ugandan flag. We just think it makes a great mascot and logo. The Crested Crane is colorful, lively, attention getting, just like our coffee.

How long does Crested Crane Coffee stay fresh?
The sooner coffee is brewed after roasting the better. That is why we roast regularly in small batches, pack and ship in most cases while the coffee is still warm. In addition we use high quality bags with one way valves. After coffee is roasted the beans release Co2 which goes out the valve allowing no air to come into the bag. This creates a freshness seal that will keep an unopened bag fresh for more than 30 days. Once you open your bag we suggest using the coffee with a week for the best fresh cup.

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